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What division do i compete in?

Professional Contestant is any graduate of a Baking & Pastry Arts Program or a baker or pastry chef / cook who is working in the industry.

Amateur Contestant is any individual ages 14 and above who has no formal baking and pastry arts training and is not working in the industry at any level.  (If an individual is currently enrolled in a baking and pastry or culinary arts program, they must enter in the student division: Not as an Amateur).

College Student Contestant is any individual currently enrolled in a baking & pastry or culinary arts program at the collegiate level.

High School Student Contestant is any student enrolled in a BOCES Culinary Arts or Baking and Pastry Arts program or any high school program involved with food production.  Many of the local high schools offer elective classes in family and consumer science that deal with culinary arts.  A student enrolled in this type of class must enter the high school division.

Child Contestant is any child ages 7-13 who enjoys building & decorating gingerbread.  The winners of this category will not receive a cash prize, but a basket filled with pastry utensils & gadgets.