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Toy Train Show

Saturday, December 15th - 11AM - 7PM
Sunday, December 16th - 12PM - 5PM

NOMRE layout

NOMRE: Niagara Orleans Model Railroad Engineers, Inc. (also known as NOME)

NOMRE will feature their H-O Scale layout. The H-O scale layout is modular; it can be reconfigured to accommodate different spaces and shows; each member owns their own module with its own theme; each module is connected to make a large layout. The H-O layout at our show with be roughly 48ft x 25ft

The Joy of Trains Organization

The unique features of these layouts are they are positioned two feet from the ground so that even the youngest child can see the trains running at eye level.

There are no “do not touch signs,” kids are actually encouraged to touch the layout and to control the operation of the O gauge trains with hand-held controllers.

Joy of Trains will feature the following O Scale layouts:

"Holiday Village"
It features two trains weaving there way among a classic winter scene featuring lighted ceramic structures that make up the village. One train is pulled by the all time favorite "Thomas" and the other one is pulled by "The Patriot," a diesel engine of 1960s vintage.

"Desert Southwest: Constructing the Transcontinental Railroad."
It features the Central Pacific "Jupiter" locomotive and the Union Pacific "No. 119" locomotive that in 1869 took part in the "Golden Spike" ceremony in Promontory, Utah marking the completion of the construction.  Surrounding that scene is a modern day excursion train with visitors taking the train to observe this important part of our nation's history.

Holiday Village layout
Desert Southwest layout