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What does it take to become a culinary sensation? NCCC has mastered the recipe. At the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute, students will receive the tools for a successful career, from experienced faculty, with state-of-the-art equipment. And our newly renovated facility at the foot of Niagara Falls is sure to inspire. Including its own restaurant, bakery, TV studio, gift shop and Barnes & Noble bookstore, the facility is designed to provide as many real-world experiences as possible.

At NFCI, we offer you the opportunity to find more than a place to work. Experience all that the Hospitality Industry has to offer and develop your own five star future.

Baking & Pastry Arts
~ Mix up a recipe for success in Baking & Pastry Arts! Sample our courses in Bread, Rolls & Breakfast Pastries; Cakes and Tortes; Candies and Confections; Specialty Cakes and Showpieces, to name a few, and learn what it takes to begin your career as a Pastry Chef.

Brewery Operations
~ Students will work at local breweries learning to select quality ingredients, fermentation procedures, and produce a variety of beer styles.

Craft Beverage Industry
~ The science and industry of Craft Beverage - (Distillery Operations, Brewery Operations and Winery Operations).

Culinary Arts
~ Whether your interests lie in Nutrition, American or International Cuisine, Wines or Sauces, NFCI will help you to develop a taste for the extraordinary. But be careful....this opportunity is very hot!

Distillery Operations
~ Students will work at local distilleries learning to select quality ingredients, fermentation procedures, and produce a variety of beverage styles.

~ The hospitality industry is worldwide, with career potential for students at all levels from local to international. Enroll at NFCI to learn how to achieve maximum occupancy!

Winery Operations
~ Uncork your interest in grape growing and wine making and become a wine connoisseur! Work at local vineyards on the world class Niagara Wine Trail, where you'll get to plant, prune, harvest, crush and make wine with your own hands.

Enroll at NFCI today, and develop a taste for the extraordinary!

Bachelor's Degree through Empire State College
Niagara County Community College SUNY Empire State College have partnered to offer students at NCCC’s Niagara Falls Culinary Institute (NFCI) a pathway to earn a B.P.S. in business, management and economics, with a concentration in culinary management, from Empire State College. The pathways agreement guarantees admission for NCCC students who complete their A.A.S. in culinary arts into Empire State College’s bachelor’s program. Coursework will be provided through a blend of traditional classes at NFCI and online learning.