Enology Video

Learn by making. There is a national demand for skilled "cellar masters" in the industry. Through our Enology program students will make wine, track fermentation, make various chemical measurements and provide finished wine to the instructor for evaluation at the conclusion of the course.

Students in the program perfect their wine making skills with instruction at award winning wineries along the Niagara Wine Trail.

With our new Niagara Falls Culinary Institute, Enology students will have the most unique of experiences getting real-life, hands-on knowledge in a wine boutique and a student-driven fine dining restaurant.

We don't want you to just get enrolled, we want you experience everything our institution has to offer to be successful. Apply today and start your career!

For students who seek careers in the wine making industry, the College offers an AAS in Enology.

What can I do with this degree?

Some career paths include:

  • Vineyard Owners
  • Grape processors and wine-makers
  • Wine equipment suppliers
  • Container manufacturers
  • Federal government including:
    • Food and Drug Administration
    • Department of Agriculture
  • State government agencies


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