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NFCI is a division of Niagara County Community College (NCCC).
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Winery Operations

NFCI will uncork your interest in grape growing and wine making and become a wine connoisseur! Work at local vineyards on the world class Niagara Wine Trail, where you'll to plant, prune, harvest, crush and make wine with your own hands.

Enrolled students will:

  • Perform the necessary skills for seasonal vineyard operations of pruning, disease and pest control, grapevine canopy management, crop regulation and how they relate to wine quality.
  • Successfully manage a vineyard.
  • Develop plans for an integrated pest management program with the intent of maximizing wine quality.
  • Evaluate property for vineyard development through site orientation, slope, water and air drainage, soil composition and location.
  • Prepare reports to track ripening data, vineyard pesticide application, ground cover and canopy control.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the government regulations (OSHA) related to pesticide use, field sanitation and employment regulations to maintain appropriate compliance through participation in a course for certified pesticide applications.
  • Incorporate the science of wine making, including the appropriate micro biological principals and sanitation requirements to analyze their impact on final wine quality.
  • Discuss marketing, selling, retailing and visually merchandising cool-climate wines, in particular New York and Niagara Escarpment wines, to tasting-room patrons.
  • Identify wine varieties and describe the historical and cultural geography of the wines of the world and the context of how cool-climate New York and Niagara Escarpment wines fit into the wine market place.

To meet the need for education in a growing and changing field, the College offers a Certificate in Wine and Beverage Management and an AAS in Winery Operations. The demographics of the surrounding community and the growing venues in hospitality/tourism of WNY necessitate the need for individuals to be diverse in the field of viticulture and viniculture.

Degree Information Certificate Option

Every Course Matters.

  • Sanitation & Safety
  • Viticulture & Winemaking
  • Winery Operations
  • Sensory Evaluation
  • New & Old World Wines
  • Wine Chemistry
  • Wine Regulations
  • Food and Wine Pairings

Gainful Employment Outlook and Costs for Certificate Program

Find out what the job outlook is in a particular field after completion of a certificate program. Determine the costs associated for NFCI certificate programs. Cost information is available on tuition/fees, books and on-campus housing.

Wine & Beverage Management.

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